City/SADC Grant


                                                                                                                               February 2019

RE: City/SADC Community Grant Program 2019 - The City of Sigourney annually has designate a portion of the Local Option Sales Tax to the Community Betterment Grant Program (CBGP).

The Administrator for the CBGP is the Community Betterment Committee of the Sigourney Area Development Corporation.

The purpose of the CBGP is to encourage the physical improvement and appearance of the Sigourney business areas and business properties.

Bradley Grefe, Regional Planner for Area 15, spoke Wednesday February 20th at Sigourney City Hall about the CDBG a Federal grant Program used to improve communities’ infrastructure; which includes $500,000 in grant money which must be matched by the community receiving the funds.

The City of Sigourney will not be dispersing the $12,000 for the City/SADC grant in 2019 and maybe not for the foreseeable future.  The $12,000 will be used by the City for a CDBG grant that will be applied for in 2019.

Sigourney Area Development Corporation