SADCs Membership

Economic Development does not “just happen”. It takes preparation, planning, cooperation, coordination, community involvement and financial support. SADC has been a positive force in Sigourney and Keokuk County since 1970.
Sigourney Area Development (SADC) is a proud supporter of our town of 2,000 people, as evidenced by our role in bringing the following businesses and industries to town: Responsible Transportation, Bender Foundry Service, First Resources Co...rporation, Duro-Last Roofing and SEDNA Warehousing. Other projects include the Prairie View Condos, Belva Deer Inn, Lake Belva Deer project, New Casey's General Store and more.
As a member of SADC; you have an opportunity to serve on the board, to vote for officers and board members and to serve on committees.
SADC Membership-structured amounts: Individual Membership starting at $50.00 and Businesses starting at $100.00.
Please feel free to call the SADC office at 641-622-2288. Office hours are from 8:30 to 12:00 M-F.
"Working to make Sigourney and Keokuk County a better place to live, grow a family, to work, to heal, to eat, to shop, to visit, to call home".

                                            With your support, good things happen in Sigourney and Keokuk County Iowa.