SADC Family Membership

SADC Membership

Economic Development does not “just happen”.  It takes preparation, planning, cooperation, coordination, community involvement and support.  SADC has been a positive force in Sigourney and Keokuk County since 1970.  SADC cooperates with local cities, Keokuk County, local business, industry and individuals to promote employment and economic growth; and ultimately maintaining and improving the local quality of life.

A three year Pledge allows both you and SADC to better plan our programs and finances. 

Many challenges and opportunities face Keokuk County.  Please join us in this effort by emailing us or calling 641-622-2288 and become a member of SADC. 

With your support, we can make a difference!


Accomplishments of SADC

Past Selected Accomplishments:

  • Establishing the SADC Industrial Park.
  • Attracting of local industry and job creation.
  • Cooperation with Sigourney and Keokuk County in various infrastructure (road/streets, sewer & water) projects to serve local industry and residents.
  • Coordinated financial assistance applications that resulted in the capitalization of the Keokuk County Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund.
  • Assistance to the Keokuk County Conservation Board in seeking funding for the construction of five rental cabins at Belva Deer recreation Area.
  • Assisted investors in establishing a new 26 unit motel in Sigourney.
  • Assisted developer in establishing Prairie View Condominiums.
  • Cooperation with Keokuk County in securing funding for a paved road and trail to the Belva Deer Recreation Area.

Ongoing Activities

  • Initiating Membership Pledge Campaigns.
  • Initiated a existing industry program - exploring local needs & opportunities.
  • In cooperation with the City of Sigourney to implement a Community Betterment Partnership to improve the appearance of the downtown area.
  • Continuing to hold the SADC Annual Christmas Raffle.
  • Marketing of available industrial lots, sites and vacant industrial buildings.
  • Utilization of the "LOIS" State database for industrial sites and buildings and "E-Synchronist-Existing Business/Industry Executive Call Program".

Future Plans and Actions

  • Exploring the potential of housing needs in Sigourney.
  • Exploring the potential of various actions to acquire, improve and/or remove blighted downtown buildings.

With your support, good things happen in Sigourney and Keokuk County Iowa.