Your Own Web Page

June 2014

Dear Business Owner,

Sigourney Area Development Corporation is excited to announce that we have a new and robust website which was designed with businesses in mind.   It will allow your business to have greater promotional exposure via the web, as well as keeping the world informed about Sigourney and our local activities.

On this site you can list store hours, products and services; create promotions; employment opportunities and share a little about your business. The more you can present yourself to potential customers and clients, the greater the impact you will have as the economic engine of the community. SADC wants to help prime this engine by allowing your company to have better access to the community and the world
through our new website.

If you have a website already, then we would like to discuss how we can incorporate your business into our website and increase your web presence by linking to each other.  If you don’t have a website, our site provides for your own website by having a page on our server.  If you are currently a SADC member, no fee will be charged.   If you are not a member I think you will find that the cost of $100.00/year, which also includes a membership in SADC thru 2014, to be very reasonable.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy your Web page will be to setup and manage.  I say this with great confidence as SADC has had several Web sites over the years and we have found this one to be the most user friendly yet.  It is actually a “fun” job to perform.  Most of the background formatting has already been done on your page and once you “log-in” you are ready to begin entering your information. After your site becomes “live”, Judy is only a phone call away if you have questions.  If she can’t answer them, we will contact someone who can!

Call Judy @ SADC (622-2288) or stop by and visit.  She will very happy to set up a personalized informational session at a time between 8:30AM - 12PM, Monday through Friday. We hope you will take advantage of this fabulous opportunity for your business.

  Very truly yours,
Sigourney Area Development Corporation
Jim Dickinson, Executive Director